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My name is Konrad Kalinowski. I graduated from the University of Physical Education and I am a 2nd class  bodybuliding&strenght trainer  as well as a personal trainer with 6 years of experience. My mission is to develop and inspire – knowledge and training make the way to success. I am a lecturer in Health Factory Personal Training Academy as well. During personal training with my clients, my superior aim is to approach the needs and aims of each and every client individually. In my work as a personal trainer, I value contact with people; I am open and I like meeting new personalities. I believe that good relationships and mutual respect are key to effective cooperation. Sign up for consultation

Michał Woszczek, dietitian and author of Dietetics at ease. I graduated from the First Degree at the University of Physical Education in Poznań, where I studied sports nutritionist. I also completed second degree studies in dietetics at SGGW.

Professionalism – let’s assume a hypothetical situation: you have a health problem. Will you go to the doctor or local quack? I have the right qualifications to solve your problems without losing health or unnecessary sacrifices.

Satisfaction guarantee – if the selected dish does not come to your taste buds, I will quickly find another solution in the plan. Similarly, we will modify your diet assumptions – to achieve the desired result!

Grzegorz Workowski, student of physiotherapy. During working with customers, I focus on healthy and safe training. Research-based knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology allows me to safely fix pain and other barriers imposed by our bodies. Specializations:

  • Medical training,
  • Functional diagnostics,
  • Neuromuscular diagnostics,
  • Sports and rehabilitation taping,
  • Mental and respiratory training.
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