Calorie calculator – How To Estimate The Calories You Need To Consume

Calculation of the energy needs is the starting point of every diet – both the reduction one and the “mass” diet. How does the calorie calculator work and how can you use the calorie calculator to create your diet?

To Gain Weight:
2700 calories
To Maintain:
2400 calories
To Lose Weight:
1900 calories

What is calorie need/target?

Proper determination of the daily calories need allows you to maintain a stable body weight and ensure the proper functioning of the body. If we consume our total caloric need every day, our weight should not change. When calculating caloric need, you should take into account both the basal metabolism and the total metabolism. You must remember that each organism is different. Also, physical activity during the day, the number of steps, gestures and regular exercise are also important for the amount of calories you need. The best way to calculate your caloric needs is to use the calorie calculator. To get the exact calories intake you should consume. You can use the BMR calculator or use the Miffin or Harris and Benedict formulas. The calorie calculator calculates the calories need based on the current body weight, height, age, gender and physical activity during the day.

What is BMR?

BMR, or Basal metabolic rate (from English), is an indicator that determines the basal metabolic rate. I.e. how many calories the body uses in 24 hours, doing absolutely nothing and staying in its natural conditions. The BMR calculator allows you to get information about the approximate number of calories needed to maintain vital functions and body weight, Not including the daily physical activity. However, simply calculating the BMR is not sufficient to determine how many calories should be delivered to the body during the day, Why? Because even non-athletes need to take into account their daily physical activity. Therefore, to obtain a reliable result, it is worth using a calories need calculator, which also takes into account the Physical Activity Level (PAL).

What influences the caloric demand?

The daily caloric need that can be calculated with the caloric need calculator depends on your BMR and physical activity during the day. When calculating the value, one should therefore pay attention to factors such as gender, age, height. In some cases, the characteristics of a particular organism or disease are of great importance (e.g. insulin resistance may require slightly fewer calories in the diet, while people on very fast metabolizers should consume slightly more calories to maintain their weight.). The real need for calories should also take into account the lifestyle and type of office or physical work, as well as any medications taken. Physical activity has the greatest impact on the caloric demand (apart from height, weight and gender) – people who regularly play sports have a much greater need for energy.

Calorie calculator – how to use it to achieve your goal?

The BMR calculator and the caloric need calculator are tools that help you obtain reliable information about your daily caloric need. Then, the obtained data can be modified depending on your needs – a reduction diet (helping to lose weight) requires creating a caloric deficit, e.g. by consuming fewer calories, while in the case of building muscle mass, the diet should provide slightly more energy than the daily need calculated by the calorie calculator.

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