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Nowadays, taking care of yourself, including keeping in shape through training, can cost a lot. Therefore, while personal training is becoming more and more popular, you may be unsure whether you should invest money in a personal training program. However, if you are already engaged in some form of exercise, for example, gym classes, and you are not achieving the desired results. Or, alternatively, you are just starting your journey with fitness. The question whether it is worth investing in professional advice from an individual trainer has crossed your mind for sure. 

In this article, I will cover all the topics related to the choice of a personal trainer  – is it worth it, how much does it cost, and how to find the right one when you decide that that’s a solution for you.

Is It Worth Exercising With A Personal Trainer?

Adapting the exercises and the entire training system to your needs certainly has its advantages. Our bodies are different, and I think each of us has found out for ourselves that what works perfectly for one person in terms of diet and exercise, may not bring any positive results for us. This is influenced by, among others, genetic conditions, lifestyle, or health situation. As well as many other factors that you may not know about, and which an experienced individual trainer will definitely take into account when creating your personal training plan. Therefore, a tailored approach is, in most cases, the best way to get the results you want.

Above all, working with a personal trainer will significantly increase your chances of achieving your goals in a given time. You will deepen your knowledge of exercises and techniques, and develop a routine that will turn into good habits over time. You will get professional tips and advice.  They’re especially helpful in preventing any injuries – both old reoccurring ones and the new ones.

How To Recognize A Good Personal Trainer?

If you want to hire a personal trainer in Warsaw, or wherever. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Qualifications and specializations

First of all, check the qualifications of the trainer before you start working with him. There is quite a lot of amateur trainers on the market who seem impressive at first glance. Unfortunately, most of them lack the basic knowledge necessary to choose safe and effective exercises. 

Some individual trainers are qualified and experienced in specific areas such as weight loss, sports coaching, nutrition, pre, and postpartum exercise. You may consider what goals you would like to achieve. And find a trainer who is experienced in achieving similar goals to yours.

Warsaw Trainer – Our Individual Training 

At Warsaw Trainer, our personal trainers complement each other. We’ve got a dietician on board as well as people with great successes when it comes to weight loss and medical training. The second one – as I believe as an individual trainer – is very important nowadays. 

Chronic pain in the lumbar spine, discomfort in the cervical segment, disadvantages of posture. These are only a few of the sedentary lifestyle and the lack of movement effects. 

A modern personal train should build up your fitness and body awareness. Without medical training, sometimes it’s almost impossible to obtain a great silhouette or build an impressive strength and body mass. Medical training removes obstacles on your way to succeeding in any training that you want to introduce in your life. 


The theory is one thing, experience with a living organism is another. It is worth putting yourself in hands of a person who is experienced and can show you the results achieved with previous clients. 

References that can be found on the individual trainer’s website or opinions in other places such as forums are a very helpful. If no one has ever heard of a given fitness coach and he or she is unable to present us any story of a client whom he helped before. A red light should light up. 

Warsaw Trainer – Transformations & Recommendation

Surprising 2-years Daniel’s transformation

During our first training consultation, I learned that Daniel was suffering from insulin resistance. We started from around 20% BF, so we had a lot of work. Although Daniel knew…

See all transformations by Warsaw Trainer

Personal Trainer’s Availability 

Do you prefer to exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening? On weekends or weekdays? It’s a good idea to check if the personal trainer you want to hire is available during the hours you prefer. 

Individual Trainer’s Philosophy

Different personal trainers have different approaches to training. Ask your trainer what their values ​​are in terms of health, training, and diet. Find the one that matches your expectations. At Warsaw Trainer, we focus primarily on an individual approach to the needs and goals of each client, holistic development of the body as well as good relations and mutual respect.

Gym Trainer’s Personality

We all have learning styles that suit us more than others, and personalities with whom we get along best. Do you care more to train with a trainer who is very serious about work and shows remarkable professionalism every second? Or one who introduces a relaxed atmosphere? Remember that this is your time, and you can decide with whom and how you want to spend it. 

What Does A Consultation With A Personal Trainer Look Like?

Conversation and fitness tests 

We will start with a conversation about your health condition, past injuries, etc. Together, we will set goals for your training. You will learn what the single joint theory is and why it is so important. What rotational force is and how to produce it. We will also teach you how to position your spine in a suitable, safe position for the exercise. 

Our trainer will assess your overall health and fitness shape during tests. We will also find out if you have limitations in the range of motion in the joints. The personal trainer will ask you to do some exercises and take measurements. Don’t worry about that. There are no bad or good results here. It’s just about understanding where we start. This helps us to estimate how long and how you need to exercise to achieve your goal. At the same time, it is the easiest way to track your progress. 

What To Wear And What To Bring To Your First Consultation

As with any other workout, be sure to wear appropriate clothing. It should be breathable, comfortable, and non-limiting clothing. Also, remember to put on non-slip sports shoes. In addition, bring a towel to put on the equipment and mats. Finally, a bottle of water might be useful. 

This consultation usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

Personal Trainer Warsaw – How Much Does It Cost? What Does The Price Depend On?

The price of personal training in Warsaw depends on several factors, such as:

Personal Trainer Warsaw – Warsaw

At Warsaw, the cost of personal training lasting 60 minutes is on average from 100 to 200 PLN. In addition, you also need to add the cost of entering the gym (if training is to take place there). Or consider joining some kind of membership like Multisport at work, or as an individual. 

It is worth paying attention to whether the personal trainer works with a dietitian. Of course, every individual trainer must know the basics of a training diet. But it is worth leaving setting up a comprehensive diet to an expert in this field. Therefore, I advise you to look for a gym trainer who supports himself with the knowledge of a dietitian. This proves, among other things, that the individual trainer is aware that diet is a crucial part of the training.

At Warsaw Trainer, the price of a personal trainer Warsaw consultation is only 29 PLN. You can make an appointment for the first training session today. Check how working with a trainer looks like in reality. Hope to see you soon!

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