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My name is Konrad Kalinowski. I graduated from the University of Physical Education and I am a 2nd class  bodybuliding&strenght trainer  as well as a personal trainer with 6 years of experience. My mission is to develop and inspire – knowledge and training make the way to success. I am a lecturer in Health Factory Personal Training Academy as well. During personal training with my clients, my superior aim is to approach the needs and aims of each and every client individually. In my work as a personal trainer, I value contact with people; I am open and I like meeting new personalities. I believe that good relationships and mutual respect are key to effective cooperation. Sign up for consultation

Michał Woszczek, dietitian and author of Dietetics at ease. I graduated from the First Degree at the University of Physical Education in Poznań, where I studied sports nutritionist. I also completed second degree studies in dietetics at SGGW.

Professionalism – let’s assume a hypothetical situation: you have a health problem. Will you go to the doctor or local quack? I have the right qualifications to solve your problems without losing health or unnecessary sacrifices.

Satisfaction guarantee – if the selected dish does not come to your taste buds, I will quickly find another solution in the plan. Similarly, we will modify your diet assumptions – to achieve the desired result!

Grzegorz Workowski, student of physiotherapy. During working with customers, I focus on healthy and safe training. Research-based knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology allows me to safely fix pain and other barriers imposed by our bodies. Specializations:

  • Medical training,
  • Functional diagnostics,
  • Neuromuscular diagnostics,
  • Sports and rehabilitation taping,
  • Mental and respiratory training.


7-weeks Matthew’s transformation

TRAINING TARGET: Body recomposition. Improving quality of muscles. Improvment of the figuer and diagnosed bad posture like scoliosis. HOW DID THE TRAINING LOOK LIKE? 7 weeks 3x strength training, combination…

3-mont’s Justyna’s transformation

Justyna is a very determined person who proves that, the consistent workout give great results. TRAINING TARGET: Improving body shape and reducing body fat. Improving prority part of muscles: gluteuses…

Body Building z trenerem osobistym
12-month Training Results

Karol’s transformation Karol is a classic person who primarily aimed at modeling the figure. The truth is that at the beginning, against Karol's expectations, we started to learn correct movement…

8-months Kamil’s transformation

Kamil is a person who has little free time in his schedule, but he decided to change his body. Below I present the results of our cooperation. Target: Body composition…

Trening z trenerem personalnym dla programistów
16-months Łukasz’s transformation

Łukasz is a stubborn person. He works as a programmer, so myofascial problems are a matter of course. However, I will surprise you that in the case of Łukasz we…


Personal training WARSAW

Many years of experience being a personal trainer in Warsaw and working with clients taught me how to plan a path of physical development and meet any requirements. Where do we start? I will conduct the motor system analysis and body composition check. Based on your current fitness, I will plan fully optimal and professional personal training for long-term results. I respect your time, so I want every minute of our training to be used as effectively as possible. Sign up for consultation

How I approach personal training

  1. Careful motor system analysis (the assessment of general fitness)
  2. Body composition check (fat tissue, muscle mass, basal metabolism, level of hydration, etc.)
  3. Choice of professional and optimal training in order to:
    • counteract a sedentary job
    • regulate body mass
    • model and shape the silhouette on every stage of progress
    • treat myofascial and joint restraints
    • choose therapeutic exercises
    • decrease pain of motion system
    • extend the range of motion, proper technique of exercises and right body functioning
  4. Seminars concerning healthy lifestyle, dietetics, and supplementation, basics of human anatomy and biomechanics, training – its aspect related to sports, as well as health promotion and its application for optimization of motor organ
  5. Workshops within self-treatment and prevention of injuries in sports and everyday activity

What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

Individually adjusted training

Everyone is different, and training adjusted to individual capabilities in the course of the assessment of fitness will make you:

  • burn fat,
  • achieve aesthetic silhouette by building muscle mass,
  • improve your shape and general fitness,
  • increase your effectiveness at work,
  • get rid of pain, i.e. in a knee, back or spine, etc.,
  • correct a bad posture,
  • feel better and have more energy.

Saving your time

Properly planned single training will let you use your time optimally, just focusing on achieving your goal.

Permanent contact with trainer

Your comfort is important for us and we want you to feel our support, so we are also at your disposal outside of training hours.

Lack of monotony

When planning your path of physical development, we take care about choosen training methods, so that the classes are interesting and inspiring, not forgetting your needs.



Training oriented at building the muscle mass of the entire body, taking into consideration parts that do not develop equally. We mainly focus on learning multi-joint exercises that engage large muscle groups, keeping details in mind. Training periodization according to the idea of Weider principles.

Fat loss training

The supreme goal is to change the body composition that is to burn excess fat and improve the quality of muscles. Training of mixed intensity, engaging main muscle groups, with the use of a broad range of exercises.

Medical training

During a single training, we will diagnose and treat myofascial and joint restraints, pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and/or low physical activity. I apply manual therapy and I use professional equipment in order to achieve an optimal range of motion.

Athletic performance training

Depends on the chosen sports discipline, I plan training that shapes the desired motor skills and strength of the entire body. In my opinion, a well-prepared competitor is conscious of their body and have full control over it. I use multiple methods to make use of motor potential in full.


Check what my clients say about our cooperation:



PLN2945-60 min
Professional consultation
PLN15060 min
Personal training
3 personal trainings
Valid for 4 weeks
10 personal trainings
Valid for 6 weeks
30days dietetic care


Health Factory

Currently, I cooperate with Health Factory Personal Training Academy as a lecturer. I organize trainings concerning healthy lifestyle, dietetics and supplementation, basics of human anatomy and biomechanics, training in its aspect related to sports, as well as health promotion and its application for optimization of motor organ. Workshops within self-treatment and prevention of injuries in sports and everyday activity. Classes are both theoretical and practical. I am open to new challenges, so together we can choose a type and topic of our meeting.



  1. How to start?
    Sign up for professional consultation with a personal trainer. I will get back to you in 24h. Alternatively, you can call me at a time that’s convenient for you. Sign up for consultation
  2. How does the personal training consultation look like?
    During the first personal training:
    • Determine the training goal together.
    • We will talk about your health, past injuries, etc.
    • We will assess your overall physical fitness during fitness tests and find out if there are any restrictions on the range of motion in your joints.
    • You will learn what the theory of one joint is and why it is so important.
    • I will explain what rotational force is and how to produce it.
    • I will teach you how to set the spine in a neutral tense position.
  3. Do I have to pay for the first visit to the gym when buying a personal trainer consultation?
    In the Zdrofit gym where trainings are conducted, 1 entry cost 39 PLN or 4 entries 109 PLN. The clubs also accept the multisport card. It’s necessary to equip yourself with a padlock with a 7 or 8mm diameter (classic padlock available in carrefour) which is necessary to close the locker in the locker room.
  4. Should I prepare for consultation/training?
    You don’t need any special preparation. You also don’t need to have specialized training or dietary knowledge. I want you to feel comfortable during our meetings, teach how the human body works.
  5. Why do individual classes instead of group training, CrossFit, etc.?
    First of all, 1 on 1 classes are characterized by the individual selection of a training plan for your needs. During group training at high intensity, it’s not difficult to get injured and the trainer is not able to teach you the correct technique of exercising.
  6. I have been practicing for many years. Is it worth using the services of a trainer?
    In my opinion, regular progress is a real measure of training effectiveness. If you haven’t seen any changes for some time despite the hard training, it’s definitely worth thinking about it. A professional trainer is a person who will plan the path of your physical development and help in its consistent implementation.
  7. What does dietary collaboration look like??
    • Please complete the online nutritional interview questionnaire. Full comfort – you can fill it anywhere, anytime.
    • On the basis of the information provided, I prepare for you a 7-day menu or another adapted to the repetitive period. The delivery time is a maximum of 7 days from the moment I receive all the data
    • I send you a menu, supplementation plan, and other useful tips
    • We proceed to implement the above elements. The weekly menu is repeated by you four times, i.e. for one period of cooperation. This should not be a worry, because you will probably count down the days to repeat the next course. Of course, the menu is not stiff – I will show you how to make modifications that will diversify the menu.
    • We stay in touch – I will answer all your questions.
    • We verify the results and choose a plan for the next period.
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    Where to find me?

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