16-months Łukasz’s transformation

Łukasz is a stubborn person. He works as a programmer, so myofascial problems are a matter of course. However, I will surprise you that in the case of Łukasz we did not use any scrupulous diet, we only kept the protein supply at the level of 1.7-1.8 / kgmsc and consumed products with a low glycemic index. See what we have achieved in just over a year of regular training.


HOW did the training look like?

HOW did the nutrition look like?

General recommendations

The overriding principle for composing meals is to know what I eat, every meal should contain carbohydrate and fat in every meal! Regular consumption of meals will minimize the desire to eat or allow us to maintain a constant blood sugar level which is key to reducing body weight!

Recomposition Łukasz is an example that even without a strict diet you can achieve your dream figure. We are currently working on increasing muscle mass, watch what will happen. Eat at least 0.5 kg of fresh vegetables. Avoid especially sweet fruit (oranges, apples, etc.). Avoid alcohol. 1 gram of pure alcohol gives your body 7kcal! Avoid simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sweets, fries, junk food, etc.)
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