1. How to start?
    Sign up for professional consultation with a personal trainer. I will get back to you in 24h. Alternatively, you can call me at a time that’s convenient for you. Sign up for consultation
  2. How does the personal training consultation look like?
    During the first personal training:
    • Determine the training goal together.
    • We will talk about your health, past injuries, etc.
    • We will assess your overall physical fitness during fitness tests and find out if there are any restrictions on the range of motion in your joints.
    • You will learn what the theory of one joint is and why it is so important.
    • I will explain what rotational force is and how to produce it.
    • I will teach you how to set the spine in a neutral tense position.
  3. Do I have to pay for the first visit to the gym when buying a personal trainer consultation?
    In the Zdrofit gym where trainings are conduct, it’s necessary to have Zdrofit membership/multisport card or to buy single entry to the gym. It’s necessary to equip yourself with a padlock with a 7 or 8mm diameter (classic padlock available in carrefour) which is necessary to close the locker in the locker room.
  4. Should I prepare for consultation/training?
    You don’t need any special preparation. You also don’t need to have specialized training or dietary knowledge. I want you to feel comfortable during our meetings, teach how the human body works.
  5. Why do individual classes instead of group training, CrossFit, etc.?
    First of all, 1 on 1 classes are characterized by the individual selection of a training plan for your needs. During group training at high intensity, it’s not difficult to get injured and the trainer is not able to teach you the correct technique of exercising.
  6. I have been practicing for many years. Is it worth using the services of a trainer?
    In my opinion, regular progress is a real measure of training effectiveness. If you haven’t seen any changes for some time despite the hard training, it’s definitely worth thinking about it. A professional trainer is a person who will plan the path of your physical development and help in its consistent implementation.
  7. What does dietary collaboration look like??
    • Please complete the online nutritional interview questionnaire. Full comfort – you can fill it anywhere, anytime.
    • On the basis of the information provided, I prepare for you a 7-day menu or another adapted to the repetitive period. The delivery time is a maximum of 7 days from the moment I receive all the data
    • I send you a menu, supplementation plan, and other useful tips
    • We proceed to implement the above elements. The weekly menu is repeated by you four times, i.e. for one period of cooperation. This should not be a worry, because you will probably count down the days to repeat the next course. Of course, the menu is not stiff – I will show you how to make modifications that will diversify the menu.
    • We stay in touch – I will answer all your questions.
    • We verify the results and choose a plan for the next period.
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