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Personal training is becoming more and more popular. The interest in a healthy lifestyle means that choosing a personal gym trainer, especially for beginners, guarantees the selection of appropriate exercises and their proper implementation. It will also help you find yourself at the gym. A personal gym trainer is a person who gives motivation, watches over correct and regular training plan, and monitors progress. He advises on what diet to choose and how to fit it perfectly with the exercises. Personal training is one-on-one training. Thanks to that he can focus 100% on a given persons’ needs, show the correct performance of exercises, eliminate mistakes and check the right technique. 

Are you looking for a professional who will help you on your way to achieving your dream figure? If so, be sure to check out the offer of Warsaw Trainer –  a personal gym trainer in Warsaw. 

Warsaw Trainer – Personal Gym Trainer

My name is Konrad Kalinowski, and I am here to help you fulfill your dream of a healthy body and a beautiful figure. I am a personal gym trainer with 6 years of experience; I graduated from the University of Physical Education. Additionally, I am a 2nd class personal coach in bodybuilding. I also give lectures at the Personal Trainers Academy – the Health Factory. My mission is to develop and inspire. I believe that knowledge and properly selected training are a guarantee of success. That’s why I approach each client individually, focusing on their needs and goals. I value human relations, so I am open, and I like meeting new people. I focus on maintaining good relations and mutual respect, which are the key to effective cooperation.

How can I help you?

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the movement apparatus and body composition and the assessment of overall physical fitness, I can help you choose the optimal training tailored to your needs. I will help you choose the right exercises (also therapeutic and medical ones). Regulate your body weight. Model and shape your body. Or reduce pain. Besides, together, we can increase the range of motion. As well as counteract the negative effects of sedentary work if you work at the office or home office (like most of us during the pandemic). I will help you with the correct exercise, will show you the appropriate technique to overcome the side effects of incorrectly performed training. I can provide you with all the information you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And supplementation and dietetics. I am familiar with human anatomy and biomechanics, self-healing, and injuries in professional sports and everyday activities. 

Warsaw Trainer – Personal Gym Trainer – Location 

You will find me in prestige location in Warsaw:

personal gym trainer

How to start?

I always start with a consultation. In the beginning, we will define your goals and needs (do you want to lose weight, improve your figure, build muscle, etc.). We will talk about your health, illnesses, or injuries. I will carry out an analysis of the body composition and movement apparatus. Also, I will determine your overall physical condition. Based on this information, I will prepare an appropriate and effective training plan, especially for you.

What will you gain by working with a personal gym trainer?

Training with me, you will receive individually tailored private training that will allow you to:


personal gym trainer

How much does it cost?

The cost of a professional coaching consultation is PLN 29. Then, depending on your own preferences, you can decide on:

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Choose professional private trainer care tailored to your goals. 

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