12-month Training Results

Karol’s transformation

Karol is a classic person who primarily aimed at modeling the figure. The truth is that at the beginning, against Karol’s expectations, we started to learn correct movement patterns and the technique of performing exercises.

Why? Because in this way we have a guarantee of better results and we do not risk our health. Additionally – there are often lessons that stay with us for the rest of our lives and help to avoid injuries, regardless of whether we train with a personal trainer or without.

The following describes the establishment of a training and action plan.

trainingpersonal trainer warsaw
trainingpersonal trainer warsaw

Training target:

How did the training look like?

How did the nutrition look like?

We used waist circumference and body weight measurements to evaluate our current progress. However, weight is most often, as in this case, only add to measuring success – remember that muscles weigh more than fat!

These are the changes over the 12 months.

Great transformation, as always well-done work. Don’t wait, join us!

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