What should you know about protein?

Protein could be called the foundation of the functioning of the human body. It is the basic building component of skeletal muscles. The daily requirement of an adult for this macro component depends on body weight, age, sex and level of physical activity. It is estimated that it is about 25-30% of daily energy demand, i.e. between 0.8-1.5g / kg. People who want to build muscle mass with high physical activity, the demand for protein may exceed 2g / kgmc. The main functions of protein should be mentioned:

During the tests presented effect of 12-week daily protein supplementation for lean body mass, muscle strength and physical fitness in older physically active people with low protein intake (<1,0g/kg/per day). 116 physically active elderly 67-73 years old who performed stamina training 30.40 or 50km / day were examined. Participants were randomly assigned to a group given a supplement containing 31 grams of milk protein and a placebo.


Higher increase in relative lean body mass was observed in the group of people who supplemented 31g of protein after training compared to the placebo group (90.93 ± 1.22%) compared to 44 0.44 ± 1.40%, interaction P = 0.046). Absolute and relative fat mass decreased more in the protein group than in the placebo group (Δ-0.90 ± 1.22 kg vs. Δ-0.31 ± 1.28 kg).

A short experiment shows how important protein intake is especially after training in the case of building muscle mass and regeneration. To increase muscle mass, we need protein with a full set of amino acids. So what exactly are amino acids? These substances are necessary for the proper synthesis of proteins as well as perform many metabolic and building functions of our body. We divide them into exogenous amino acids that our body cannot produce itself and must be supplied from food and endogenous which our body is able to synthesize alone. The most important exogenous amino acids include:

All of the above we are able to provide from animal-derived proteins to which the best sources include:

For vegetarians, one of the biggest challenges is providing the right amount of wholesome protein which mean with full set of amino acids. Meals with a full set of amino acids are obtained by mixing cereals and legumes:

Finally, if you are serious think about losing fat or want to achieve an aesthetic and muscular figure, take care of the right amount of protein in your diet and you will be surprised by the results.


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