4 reasons why you don’t lose weight

Before each holiday season, lots of people are looking for effective methods to make a form for the summer or lose a few kilos of fat. In fact, to be honest, you don’t need a complicated strategy at all to get satisfactory results. You need a consistent repetition of the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which I will present in this short post.

  1. You consume too many calories.
    Eat 5 meals a day, drink the right amount of clean water and nothing, this beloved radiator is still not showing up. What about those snacks between meals? That’s right … Start taking nutrition seriously! The fundamental condition for losing weight is a negative calorie balance, so start counting what you eat! A kitchen scale in a classic discount does not cost much and will give you valuable information on how many calories you consume during the day. Find a person who will help you estimate how many calories you should consume during the day and you will see after a short time that it will start paying off.
  2. Poor training plan.
    Well, the nutrition is behind us, our glycemia is stable. However, you come to the gym, start at 10 minutes on the running machine and then take out your smartphone, browse facebook, instagram, talk to the girls nearby, etc. In this way 60-90 minutes pass, you go home, we have completed the training. STOP! If you care about the effects, you need a personal training plan for you movment possibility, during which you will tire well. If you think that using beautiful machines in the gym, whatever you get, I wish you good luck. During the training you have to start do heavy exercises like deadlift, pull ups, variants, squats or a range of global exercises during which I work a lot of muscle fibers. Heavy effort = a lot of calories burned and repetition of the sequence regularly gives spectacular results. Above all, take it seriously!
  3. Training intensity is to low.
    The last component seems to be one of the most important. As I mentioned before, what counts is the amount of work we did during training! The intensity consists of:


    • The percentage of maximum weight or how much weight we carry. The more the exercise becomes more difficult and that’s it! However, you need to keep moderation and the correct technique because it is easy to get injury
    • breaks between sets. You don’t have to be a specialist to guess that, the shorter the breaks between sets, our heart rate increases and, as a consequence, the training is comming more effective and we burn a lot of calories? Is this what we mean?

    An example plan might look like this:

    • Variety of squats
    • Pull-ups e.g. pull-ups, barbell rows
    • Training of the posterior chain i.e. deadlift or good morning with bar
    • Bench press, military press etc.

    The set is performed without a break after 60-70 seconds, we repeat the 4-6 times. It guarantees an unforgettable experience and great effects!

  4. Too weak regeneration.
    You train 4 times a week, you have a good training and nutrition plan, generally everything is fine but you still do not lose weight. What then?


    • You sleep 5-6 hours a day.
    • You drink 5 strong coffees a day to survive.
    • Your work, private life is very stressful and anxious.

    I know that it can be extremely difficult especially because we live in a dynamic world, but start from the fundamentals.

    • Sleep 7-8 hours. Of course, there is a small group of people who need less time to regenerate, but most just need so much. If this is a big problem, try to find time for a 15-20 minute nap during the day.
    • Improve sleep quality. Follow generally accepted principles that are effective, i.e. eat the last easy-to-eat meal 2h before bedtime, replace watching TV with a book, reduce the light in the room, ventilate the room well 15 minutes before bedtime.
    • Relax. Consider using some relaxing techniques. Breathing techniques, light stretching combined with rolling the main muscle groups will help you fall asleep.

Summing up
Use these 4 simple techniques that will improve your quality of life and I assure you that you’ll be surprised with the effects.

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